Questions for Sky

  My cousin posted this on f@acebook the other day so I thought I would give it a try with Sky (I bet Fire's answers would be good too but he's not quite verbal enough yet for something like this!).  She's five and half now and her answers are in italics.  We did this just before bed time so some of her answers are sillier than they would have been earlier in the day.

Without any prompting, ask your child these questions and write down EXACTLY what they say. It is a great way to find out what they really think.

 What is something mom always says to you?
 Nana  (which means bad or naughty in Marshallese)
 What makes mom happy?
 When I'm nice to her
 What makes mom sad?
 When I'm mean
 How does your mom make you laugh?
tickle me
What was your mom like as a child?
 A baby
How old is your mom?
How tall is your mom?
What is her favorite thing to do?
What does your mom do when you're not around?
If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?
What's famous?
What is your mom really good at?
What is your mom not very good at?
What does your mom do for a job?
What is your mom's favorite food?
What makes you proud of your mom?
 What does proud mean?
If your mom were a character, who would she be?
What do you and your mom do together?
 Go out
How are you and your mom the same?
 I don't know?
How are you and your mom different?
 You're pale and I'm dark
How do you know your mom loves you?

 There are two more questions but by then she'd dissolved into giggles and we were done.  Apparently I work all the time, even when I'm not working. 


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