A Little Flashback


     I don't remember if I've posted these pictures before but I've always thought they were great.  Sky is a pretty good traveler and these were taken just before she and I left for Thailand a year ago.  Her new stroller and my travel books had just come in the mail.  Sky had loaded the books, her swimsuit and her doll in the stroller and started walking around the house.

Like a good traveler, she decides a little ways into it to ditch the travel guides.

 She has the essentials: a good friend and a change of clothes.  All set to go.

Looks like Sky has some European ideas about bathing suits...  Oh well, she's got her friend and her wheels, what more could she need?

(On a tangent, look how tiny my girl was!  And look at her hair- she hasn't let me do her hair in ages.)


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