Being Grateful

  I'm trying something new: a gratefulness project.  Every time I complain about something or am catty about someone (both things I do way more than I should), I'm making myself state how grateful I am to have that problem.  For example, when my mp3 player died on my run this morning, I got a little annoyed about it, but I made myself say, out loud (because no one else was out at 6am!), that I was grateful for the ability to run, that I had Sky with me, that I could afford the time to run, and that I had an mp3 player at all.
  And just to let you know, it's not always easy.  I had a hard time this morning finding something to be grateful for when I went into the bathroom and found that Escher had torn up another roll of paper towels. Let's see...  I'm gratefull that 6 months with this cat have allowed me to learn enough personal control that I didn't smack him?  Like most things with me, it's a work in progress.


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