We Got Mail!

  A few weeks ago, we got a special letter in the mail:

  Our first letter from our Compassion International sponsor-child!  Cielo is six years old so we actually got a letter from her mother- which for me, was almost better than getting a letter from Cielo.  But Cielo drew a picture of Barbi for us, which makes me smile every time I look at it.  The letter says:

  Dear sponsor A,
  I greet you in the name of our Lord.  This is Cielo's mother Monica writing.  I want to thank you for your sponsorship of my daughter.  Cielo is in Kindergarten, her best friend is her cousin Niurka, and she likes to play Barbies with her little brother Luis. 
  She also helps me clean in the house and makes her bed.  Her favorite animal is the cat and her favorite food is chicken with noodles. 
  We are glad to be able to write to you and we pray for you all the time.
  God keep you always,
    Cielo and Monica (Mama)

  I'm ecstatic about the fact that we may be able to have correspondence with Cielo's family.  I would love to know more about their life but mostly I'm glad to know that Cielo has a family, with a mother that cares enough to write a letter. 
  Have you considered sponsorship?  I'm biased, but getting letters like this is great return on my forty dollars a month.


  1. We're on our third Compassion sponsorship. One child graduated (he was older), one had the program close due to war, and now we have our third, Hillary. It has been so amazing to correspond with him over a few years now. It seems like he and his mom are family in a way. Each letter reminds me how valuable $40 is when I spend it on a person. It is a very humbling privilege to be able to become a part of Hillary's life. All three boys have a permanent spot in my heart, and someday, somewhere, somehow, I hope that I can meet each one in person.


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