Big Bako Girl!

  Guess who is getting moved up to the preschool class a month early?  Go ahead, guess- you'll never get it!  Wait, did you say, "Sky?"  Darn it, you got it on the first try!  We had parent-teacher conferences the other day and the both teachers and director devoted most of the meeting to convincing me to move Sky to the preschool class (the 18m to 3Y class here is a Montessori-style daycare).  They actually wanted to move her weeks ago but we have been putting them off because we don't want to push Sky in school right now.  Ms Carmen and Ms Marla are the experts so if they say she's ready to start in a more school-oriented environment, than we'll trust their judegment.  Sky starts transitioning next week and is super excited to be a big Bako girl!


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