Oh, The Crying!

  Well, we don't have to worry about whether or not Fire's attached to us.  In all honesty, right now he would probably love to be physically attached to us!  He's going through that (perfectly normal) phase where he cries and screams if one of his three favorite people (Florina, myself, or D- in that order) aren't holding him at all times.  Sometimes he'll be distracted enough by playing in his walker that he's okay with just having one of us in his sight but heaven forbid you open the refrigerator door and he can't see you.  A friend told me that they nicknamed their child "the appendage" and it looks like that's how it will be for Fire too.  Please, tell me this passes quickly! 


  1. Have faith - my 12 year old has allllllllmost stopped needing to lean on me and touch me all the time. ;)


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