We're Not Prepared To Have a 3-Year-Old In The House

  I was getting myself and the kids ready to go to Ebeye when I realized that it was suspiciously quiet downstairs where Sky was playing by herself.  When I got downstairs, she was playing nicely with her doll house but there was a bottle of Tide on the couch next to her.  I picked it up and noticed the lid was loose as I walked it back to the kitchen.  There were blue spots on the floor by the washing machine- where I'd left the Tide in the first place, to remind D to start the washer.
  I put two and two together and called Sky in.  I made her open her mouth a took a whiff- yup, my baby girl's breath smelled like Tide Coolwater Fresh Scent.  Super.  Medi-mom kicked in and I got her a big cup of water and a straw and made her drink it while I called the hospital.  The doctors said to keep her drinking water and to watch her for diarrhea- since Sky's so small, she can't afford to loose too much weight. 
  I don't think she drank more than a sip, just enough to find out that Tide isn't juice, but the fact that she did it scared the pants off of D and really unnerved me.  We're not used to having someone who's both really curious and physically able to satisfy that curiosity in the house.  I think we're really going to have to step up our vigilance on things. 


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