No Call, No Show?

  Florina didn't show up for work today and her husband didn't call to say that she couldn't be there.  This is very unusual for her, so we're a little worried and hoping she, and her husband, are okay.  D had some extra hours this week so he's staying home with Fire until a friend can watch him this afternoon.
  We are so lucky to have Florina working for us!  She's wonderful with Fire and with Sky and she does a little bit of cleaning around the house, which is really, really nice.  There has been talk about starting infant care at the child care center here but unless they hire Florina to work there, I don't think we'll be enrolling Fire.  When I reminded Florina about our vacation in a month and said that we'd pay her all her wages before we left, she said that she and her husband have been able to save for Christmas this year and that they're having good presents and a big party.  I love that by employing Florina we've been able to help with something like that, that her paycheck will make a better Christmas for their family. 


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