Epi-Pens and Comparisons

 I'm having a little trouble coming up with something interesting everyday for NaBloWriMo.  I'm used to spending a few days working up something in my head and then maybe even going through a draft or two before posting it.  Putting something up every day is forcing me to be a little more spontaneous.  How about a little bulleted blogging of what's on my mind today?

-Epi-Pens.  Sky has one now.  The doctors here are a little worried about her hypersensitivity reactions to bug bites and the fact that she had an asthma attack last week.  The asthma last week was caused by a bad cold but they're concerned that her body is moving from localized reactions to more systemic ones so we've been issued Epi-pens for her.  Scary.  I hope I never have to use one on her.

-Vacation!  We leave in one month- look out CONUS!  I mailed our winter clothes last week to my in-laws.  Thirty pounds of jeans, jackets, and winter dresses that we won't need to pack in our luggage.  It's nice to have that off my plate.  I'm still busily worrying about things I have no control over though: how the kids will handle car seats, how the kids will handle the rush-and-people of the states, how to handle adoption questions from random strangers.

-Comparisons.  I was at an adoption group meeting last night (aside: yay, Kwaj has an adoption group now!) and a five-month-old was babbling and a six-month-old was crawling.  I don't really compare Fire and Sky, aside from their sizes, because Sky didn't come home to us until she was 14 months old.  Everything that Fire does before that is brand new to us.  But these other babies were adopted at similar ages to Fire and have similar homes and family lives.  And they're babbling and crawling!  Fire makes talking sounds but not enough to be considered babbling and that boy couldn't care less about crawling.  At the end of the meeting I joking said, "Well, J can babble and I can crawl but Fire is a gigantor, so there!".  I'm struggling a little today not to see him in a lesser light compared to the other babies...

-Weight.  I try not to talk too much about myself but here's something interesting about me.  I can't gain weight right now.  I'm the smallest I've ever been. None of my clothes fit me- my skirt has a safety pin in it today to hold it up.  I know, I know, I'm lucky.  Believe me, I know that.  But it's a little disconcerting because I don't have a reason for it.  We do eat pretty healthy (and not having restaurants helps with that) and we do have a very active lifestyle but that's how we've been for the past three years.  This is new since Fire came home.  Is having another child at home making me that much busier? 

-Kiteboarding.  Did I post about how much I hated D going kiteboarding last year?  I did hate it.  A lot.  I can be very jealous of the free time that D and I have and it made me angry that he was taking away family time to do something like that for himself.  That makes me sound really mean but at the time, he had no way of predicting when the conditions would be good for him to go- he would just stick his head out the door and decide to go and if I didn't like it, too bad.  But I didn't always do so well taking care of Sky on my own on the fly and D started feeling guilty about even going.  We've got something better worked out this time.  He's found websites that predict wind and tide and once a week, he looks at his "good days" and then we compare them to our family calendar and find a few that work for both of us.  I think this is going to be a better kiteboarding season for everyone- less stress for me, less guilt for him.

-This weekend.  We're meeting friends at the beach to bar-b-cue and listen to a band tonight and then we're having some other friends over for lunch on Sunday.  Monday is teaching on Ebeye and then on Tuesday morning, we're having another family photo shoot.  It's shaping up to be a busy three-day weekend.

So what's on your mind?


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