Family Photo Shoot

  A few months ago, D and I won a photo shoot in a silent auction.  We had two sessions, on two different beaches with a great photographer on island.  I'd really been looking forward to this because we haven't had any professional photos taken in five years.  I think Lynn's photos turned out beautiful and she did a great job of capturing our children. 

Take one, at Emon beach, in the evening

 Take two, at Sea Glass Beach, in the morning


  1. I really love these. They capture the spirit of your family so well.

    1. Lynn did such a great job. Ciela looks so sassy and Teshie is practically edible!

  2. Hey Amber, just catching up on all your family happenings. The pictures came out great. I hope you have a good trip to the states.

  3. Caroline /the Nye familyNovember 27, 2012 at 7:48 AM

    These are beautiful photos; they really capture the joy and love in your family. Ysabelle says that Ciela looks like she would be a fun friend!


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