Breathing Treatments

  My first post for NaBloWriMo was supposed to be longer, more of a "this is what I'm reading, this is what's on my mind" sort of post but I had to wrap it up short because I got a call from Fire's nanny saying that Sky had thrown up.  Florina had picked Sky up from school just a little while before because she was listless and couldn't stop coughing (I knew she wasn't feeling her best but let her go to school because I thought the distraction of it would help her feel better, and she really wanted to go). 
  I hurried home and called the hospital.  The nurse put it down to a cold and told me to just make a doctors appointment but as soon as the receptionist heard that her eyes were getting red from the coughing and that she'd thrown up, she told us to bring her in.  They know Sky there by now and had her chart all set to go when we arrived.  We got lucky in that one of the doctors had time to see her right away.  He listed to her breathing and diagnosed an asthma attack.  She was so listless and struggling so hard to breath!  They gave her a breathing treatment with albuterol at the hospital and it made her feel well enough that she fell asleep in my lap!
  Some steroids, some acetaminophen for her fever, a nap, and another breathing treatment later, she was back to her old self.  It was nice to see her up and around, instead of all slumped over and crying for mommy. 
  I'm so glad that we're heading back to the states in December! I already have doctor's appointments made for both the kids.  I'm going to take all of Sky's medical records since we came back last May and see if the pediatrician can figure out what's going on with my poor girl.  She can't seem to catch a break. 
  To end on a positive note, we ended up having a wonderful evening with some of our friends.  When they come over for dinner, the Browns bring dinner with them!  Some chicken casserole, salad, and a game of Scrabble made for a fun night, and a great ending to a long day.


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